Included in this membership is the following;-

1 to 1 personal training

- Specific workout programme

- Personal nutrition plans

- Monthly progress checks

- Access to online account

- Entry into private client social media groups

This membership offers you 47 weeksworth of training sessions each year, along side 5 weeks of combined holiday. Every client will get the minium of 47 weeksworth of sessions, but also could get up to 52 weeks worth for no extra cost.

Terms & Conditions:

The membership is a 6 month contract, with a minium of 1 months cancellation notice after that period. You must provide 24hrs notice of cancelling a session, otherwise you will be charged for the session.

Refund: Commitment is key when trying to improve yourself, so If you choose to take on the direct debit then you are committing to finishing the minimum six month period. Please note that if you decide to stop training within the first six months of training, that the direct debit will continue until it has finished. After the first six months of training, you are then committed to a one month cancellation period which must be requested via email. As sometimes a commitment like this can be daunting, Aptitude Fitness will offer a 14 day cool of period. This will allow you to receive a full refund of the sessions you have not used within the 14 days since you started the direct debit. If you are unhappy with the service received at Aptitude Fitness, then this must be bought up and discussed before requesting a cancellation. Any issues with the service must be given an opportunity to be solved via other options than a simple cancellation. 

Cancellation & Lateness: A personal trainer’s time is very valuable not just to themselves but also to other clients. 

Please read the following information and sign/print your name at the bottom to show you understand. 

I will follow these rules when cancelling a personal training session: Get in contact with Ben Stapleton 24 hours before your booked session Only cancel with valid reason (illness, injury, transport problems etc) Make sure I have a preferred date/time in mind to re-book If running late, I will keep the Ben Stapleton informed with the situation 


Aptitude Fitness Protocol: One warning is given if you cancel after the 24hrs cancellation time If this is repeated again you will be charge for the session If you arrive late to your session, Ben Stapleton has the right to cut the session short and finish on the pre-planned end time These rules are put in place to keep yourself the client on track with their progress and to cover the cost of lost time caused by missing the session. Please keep to the rules to give yourself the best chance of reaching your individual targets. 




Want to try out the service & facility?
Why not use the one off session as a way of doing so.
Aptitude Fitness offers a range of different training plans depending on the session length and weekly sessions. For more information on the personal training plans please click the links below