Ben Stapleton has been in the fitness industry for over a decade, starting from the bottom and working his way up.

Coming into this industry as a work experience volenteer at his local gym, he built his way up from the bottom to managing the gym for a number of years.

He then went on to start up his freelance personal training career based at JustGym. Ben stayed there for five years growing his client base and improving his service/knowledge.

In 2020 Ben Stapleton took a substantial step in his personal training career with the start of Aptitude Fitness HQ.

Aptitude Fitness has transitioned to the next level by offering clients a safe and comfortable enviroment in which they can train in.

Ben not only offers 1-2-1 training, but also provides nutrition planning, exercise programming, monthly progress checks and online client support groups.



Aptitude Fitness HQ is a fully equipped private personal training gym offering clients the opportunity to train in an exclusive setting, adhering to Govenment COVID-19 guidelines.


The gym is equipment with  a wide range of both cardio machines and resistance machine / free weights, giving you everything you require from a commercial gym but in a more smaller and enclosed facility.

Aptitude Fitness provides you with the enviroment to challenge yourself whilst not feel uncomfortable or anxious. Getting 1-2-1 training with no-one training around you, allow yourself to train at a high intensity.

Aptitude Fitness is based at the Audley End Business Centre outside Saffron Walden and Newport. This great location is only a small stone throw away from the Audley End train station in Wendens Ambo.

The site offers a large parking area and on-site changing/toliet facilities.

Aptitude Fitness Gym is located on the ground floor of the cottage, with Injury Recovery Centre above on the first floor.

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Aptitude Fitness provides each client with a programme designed around their goals, weaknesses & current body shape. This set up allows the client to achieve the most out of their sessions/ personal training. The client is provided with between 1-3 programmes depending on the frequency of their sessions per week and receives newly updated programmes every month. Both of these reduce the chance of the client plateauing or the onset of boredom yet maximises their results gained.



'You can't out-train a bad diet' Your nutrition is key to achieving the results you want. Aptitude Fitness provides each client with a hand-created nutrition plan based around their own individual macros and calories. These have been calculated to provide the client with the best chance to achieve their desired results; whether that be weight loss, muscle gains or just eating healthier. Each plan will provide the client with different examples of meals along with their quantity to consume daily, allowing the client to feel confident to plan, prep and cook healthy whilst achieving their goals.



It is important to not focus just on your weight but other factors. Aptitude Fitness provides the client with monthly progression checks to monitor their results throughout their journey. Each check is made up of weight, body measurements and body fat percentage. The client is also encouraged to take baseline photos of their current body shape, with thereafter photos monitoring their

progressions. This provided motivation and visual achievements. Furthermore, these

photos will also be utilised to design month on month programmes tailored to their

body composition.



It is important to make sure clients are motivated to achieve their goals, but it's

very common for clients to lose concentration during long term targets. Aptitude

Fitness provides every client with monthly targets to achieve which is based around

working hard in the gym and at home. These targets are recorded every month

when the client gets a progression check. If they achieve their goals then they are

rewarded with a prize.



The moment you leave the gym is not the moment Aptitude Fitness services' stop.

Support & guidance is available via the online account and by phone. Aptitude

Fitness is here to support you throughout the whole journey, making sure every question you have about nutrition or exercise can be answered with a click or touch of a button.



Got the motivation to workout, but lack the knowledge on what to do? Live too far away to train with Aptitude Fitness but still want the service provided? Why not try out the online personal training service? Aptitude Fitness provides you with workout plans individually designed for your goals, including exercise videos demonstrating the techniques needed for each one, along with the correct reps and sets. You will also be provided with a nutrition plan outlining the correct meals to eat each day based on your individual macros.



The movement assessment will be preformed on the 1st of every new clients session. It will provide key information about the body which will help when designing your first programme. It will pick out any weakness or potential future injuries which could be solved by some simple technique improvements.




Aptitude Fitness

since 2017

"...His style of coaching has allowed me to improve my strength and stamina, whilst not over exerting my body at the same time..."