Why focus on your breathing?

When exercising it is important to focus on what you mouth is doing.... not talking.... but breathing.

When performing cardio it is important to focus on what type of breathing is needed, for example if doing LSD (Long Slow Distance) it is important to focus on controlled breathing and not breathing at the pace you are working, by that I mean if you are running not breathing at the tempo your legs move, but instead taking one breath every couple of steps.

When performing interval training is it very common to have a fast breathing rate because of the high intensity you are working at, but when finished or in the set rest breaks we continue to breath at this fast rate, why?

The best way to measure your fitness improvement is how quick you recovery between interval or after cardio. So when doing interval training try to focus on how quick you can bring your heart rate down between intervals, therefore allowing yourself a better chance of performing at a higher rate during each interval.

So focus on slow controlled breathing when performing LSD training and focus on recovering as quick as you can between interval training.

Breathing whilst doing weight training is very different to cardio, as you focus on breathing at a controlled tempo whilst performing reps, unlike cardio when to try not to let the exercise control your breathing.

For example when performing a bench press you would breath in on the way down as you lower the bar, providing the body with oxygen to the muscles then breath out on the way up as you push the barbell away. It is very common for people to do instead hold your breath when the body requires it most causing you will tire quicker and go light headed.

So when training make sure you focus on your breathing to allow yourself to achieve the most out of your training.

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