Why..? but why...?

Is your goal really what you want? as in will you achieving you goal really make you happy? and most importantly why?

Three simple questions you need to ask yourself when setting a goal, after all you might find yourself wasting weeks, months or even years of your life working towards a goal which doesn't even make you happy!

I have had this deep and serious conversation with a client recently and its really important to think about this when setting a goal or even mid way through a pervious set goal.

We sometimes set goals based around past results, for example a weight you might of been, the only issue with that is you have changed a lot since, now I am not just talking about weight gain but also age, hormones & lifestyle etc. All of these things can make it very challenging to achieve pervious goals, after all as you age your metabolic rate slows down which makes it very much more difficult to burn calories and lose weight. Hormone levels can also be very important, after all when a women gets to a certain age their bodies change, making it very hard to lose weight and build muscle. And then your life style changes in the way of kids or even work, which means maybe you don't have the same time you use to have to spend on yourself. All of these issues would make it unfair to yourself to compare pervious goals achieved and not give yourself a bit of a break or change in results.

So when picking your goal please be kind on yourself, the journey of achieving your results should be as fun as the feeling at the end.

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