What is going so wrong at weekends?

Most people fail when it comes to a Friday night, but why do diets go so wrong at the weekends?

Understanding what causes the weight gain at weekends could make a massive difference, after all just think if you lose weight Monday to Friday and then you can get through the weekend without gaining anything that means you would of gone a whole 12 days, this will make a massive difference, than wasting the first 3 days of each week trying to lose what you have gained over the weekend.

So what causes your weight gain at the weekend...?

Social Life?

Maybe chose alcoholic drinks which are lower in calories, or eat befo

Change of Routine?

Try starting the day right, eat the same breakfast as normal, which will encourage you to carry on and eat the same lunch. Sometimes you need to keep to the the normal meals to help build a routine.

No Prep?

Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can't stick to prep you might of already cooked. Don't lose routine by not eating prep.

Other Reasons?

What other reasons might stop your progress?

So there is no excuse for losing your progress when it comes to weekends.

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