What is stopping you from tracking macros...?

When it comes to nutrition and eating healthy a lot of people get put off because of the science behind it, eat this amount of points or sins, or don't eat carbs after 6, or cut out this!


All diets or healthy eating plans are based around a calorie deficit, but what makes macro tracking different to other diets is the idea it is made up on. Macro tracking is based around balancing out the correct amounts of each food group such as proteins, carbs and fats.

The reason behind this is because each food group reacts differently when consumed, by that I mean the body will use it up and store it in different ways.

The importance of therefore eating the correct amount of each is key! making sure the body is getting the right amount of each and not over storing the rest will make a big difference when it comes to weight gain or loss.

Carbs and fats both store in the body the same way if not burnt off, unlike protein which will get used up or got rid of if not needed anymore, which is why in the past people have gone down the lines of no carbs or no fat diets, but thats not the answer, its all about balancing out how much carbs or fats you have not cutting it out.

So here is a quick simple formula to working out your macros;

Body weight in lbs x 14 =................. - 500kcals = ................. (Daily Calories)

Body weight in lbs x1 = ...............g (Protein)

Body weight in lbs x 0.4 = ..................g (Fats)

Remaining ..............g (Carbs)

Why not give it a go and see how far off you are from eating your macros.

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