With 2020 coming to an end, it is now time to look back over what some might call a dramatic year!

2020 started like no other year, Aptitude Fitness was going strong at JustGym for it’s fifth year, with the team growing as new clients from inside and out of the gym joined up.

On a personal side, I was prepping to compete in my first ever Mens Physique competition in April. It was going to be a tough 12 week prep, which involved a set workout and nutrition plan, aimed to help me drop up to 12.5kg before I stepped on stage.

This competition judges you on your upper body physique and therefore required me to cut down (drop body fat) to show off muscle definition. The nutrition was based around a 500 kcal deficit, making sure I hit all my macros (Protein, Carbs & Fats) each day. The workouts were as challenging if not worse than the nutrition. I trained everyday focusing on weight training but also added cardio which at one point got up to an hour of cardio every other day.

The prep also crossed over my skiing holiday which meant I had to keep to my nutrition plan whilst I was on my skiing holiday. Each day I would ski for 6-8hrs, and then go back and train in the hotel gym, along side having my chicken omelettes for breakfast, chicken & rice for lunch, protein bars for snacks and a healthy small portion of dinner, and yes NO alcohol!

Everything changed! At the end of march lockdown kicked in and not only did my competition get cancelled 3 weeks out, but my job was also at risk! The government closed gyms and forced me to take my personal training to the internet. I was able to maintain some kind of personal training via Zoom which was enough to get by on the short term.

Alongside this I was able to get a part time job at Tesco helping me to pay the bills, as like most self employed people at the time, we were struggling with no income. This opportunity was brilliant for me at the time, as it took a lot of stress off me at a very difficult time where I was still getting over the shock of the gym closing and my competition I had be training for the last 9 weeks was now cancelled!

Personal Trainers were now allowed back to workout but only outside, which wasn’t too bad as it was a lovely spring/summer. I was able to set up base outside JustGym under the gazebo, to stop my clients from crisping under the sun. It was great not only to see all my clients again but for them all to come back fighting and ready to achieve some goals, with many increasing their number of sessions or even simply doing more at home to help them achieve their own personal goals.

Gyms reopened and I was already in the process of setting up Aptitude Fitness HQ. I had saved all my money and added it to my current savings to take this massive step. I bought all the equipment and transformed what was an office to a state of the art, brand new gym!

In September the HQ opened! Since opening in September the team has continued to grow, with a wide range of different clients with different needs/goals attending the new private personal training gym.

I can’t thank you all enough for the support during this year, from back at the beginning of lockdown when clients offered to purchase extra blocks/sessions to help support me during the tough time, to moving long side me to the new gym.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for not only myself but also the gym, fingers crossed it’s positive.

Bring on 2021!

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