Weight gain & weight loss

Are you finding your weight dropping or increasing without any real reasons?

Finding your eating habits are changing but you can't explain why?

No motivation to train or eat healthy?

This all could be the outcome of STRESS!

Stress can be caused by work, family or other factors which all have a large factor when it comes to gaining weight or losing weight.

When stressed we either over eat or under eat depending on how we react to the situation, Some people stop eating when stress causing a dramatic weight loss and some people find their want for food even when not hungry goes up causing weight gain.

The build up of stress can also decrease our motivation to train, if thats exercising in a gym or out running. So knowing what type of exercise and how to approach it is important to make sure STRESS does not effect you in a negative way.

When performing high intensity training we put stress on the body / muscles, causing aches and pains etc. So adding more stress even if its good stress on the body whilst going through a stressful time in your life isn't the best option. So instead maybe try reducing down the frequency of your training or the intensity level you are training at.

So don't let STRESS cause you more stress when it comes to your weight, think of the bigger picture and what is really causing the weight change and are you really doing the best thing to solve it.

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