Understanding your nutrition

One week during June I focused on helping the Aptitude Fitness team understand a bit more about why nutrition is important but also why it is so important to understand nutrition.

Knowing the best sources of protein can be key when it comes to trying to up your protein intake, something everyone struggles with. Having a high protein diet is good not only for muscle development but also for energy, health and because unlike carbs and fats it doesn't store in your body when not used.

Another one of the questions I put to my clients was the calories per gram of each food source;




& also alcohol

Knowing that each food source has its own positives and negatives is key when making your daily food choices. Each source will provide your body with different reasons to be consume such as energy, body development & health. So therefore understanding how many calories come from each is important when deciding what percentage of your daily calories you want made up of each.

Nutrition doesn't need to be confusing or difficult, but if effort is shown to understand what you are eating and why you are eating it, then you are more likely to gain the benefits of sticking to a healthy eating plan.

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