Understanding Achievement

Stepping on your scales and letting a simple battery operated machine tell you if you have been eating healthily or exercising enough isn't the only way to record and understand achievement!

Here at Aptitude Fitness we use different styles of recording to understand and learn progress and achievement.

Scales is used to monitor daily food intake and the bodies reaction to it, it allows us to understand if the macros / calorie deficit is working or not, but it can easily be effected by timings, sleep and stress.

Body measurements is another way to monitor progression and achievement, as it allows you to see how your body shape is changing. Now this can be done too regularly, e.g. daily but done monthly you will be able to track how your body shape is changing by simply measuring your chest, arms, stomach, hips, thighs and calf. The only negative is your body has lie, by that I mean if your not feeling so great (period or bloating) then certain measurements might not be so true...

The last way we record progress and achievement here at Aptitude Fitness is Body Fat %. This is done via callipers which pinches set areas of your body to allow us to calculate the ratio between body fat & muscle. This type of tracking can be done in many different areas of the body but we focus on the Bicep, Tricep, Upper Back & Stomach. This is a great way to track but like perviously should be done monthly not daily, and even though its very pin point it does allow for human error, so make sure your consistent when measuring.

So pick the right method of tracking your achievement and don't let a simple battery powered machine tell you off!

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