Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Start with the basic movements and work your way up!

If you are new to the gym or are trying to increase your results, then you need to focus on the basic movements…

Lower Body Push

Lower Body Pull

Upper Body Push

Upper Body Pull

There is no magic exercise in the gym to get you the results you want! Every exercise you do is just different versions of the four movements above. So instead you should focus on the SQUAT, DEADLIFT, BENCH & ROW, these exercises will be altered based on different ranges of movements and different equipment.

A good squat allows you to perform such exercises as the lunge, split squat, step up, leg press and leg extension.

A good deadlift allows you to perform a stiff legged deadlift, sumo deadlift, glute bridge and good morning.

Then we have the bench press, this will help with all options when it comes to chest pressing, dumbbells, machine and body weight movements.

Lastly the row, this will help with both back movements such as the pull down and row, using both machines, dumbbells and barbells.

If you can focus on these large mulit muscle movements (Compound Movements) then you are able to build a good foundation to work on different areas of the body and fine tuned each muscle group.

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