A short & simple post for keeping your weight under control over Christmas/ New Years period.

1 Portion Sizes – You don’t have to eat everything in the house! We all know that during this time of year we over order when it comes to food! So hold back and try to eat your normal meals/ portion sizes where possible.

2 Breakfast is breakfast – Some reason at this time of year we forget the basic rules when it comes to food…. Chocolate is not for breakfast! Leftovers are not a option for a meal! Snacking because your bored or because its right in front of you, is a no go!

3 Water is still a drink – It’s typical for people to want to drink away the year or to celebrate the festive period, but don’t forget in between these drinks you can still/are allow to drink something which doesn’t contain a high volume of calories WATER!

4 The sofa isn’t your new home – Get out with the family and enjoy a walk! Calories and portion sizes will go up, so you know what that means… so does your exercise levels to help balance out the changes. So why not go for a walk….

5 Mind Set – The restart button doesn’t exist! Eating and drinking as much as you possibly can and then just saying I will start again on my diet in January, isn’t going to help your positive mind set when it comes to getting back on a restricted meal plan and exercise routine. Just think twice when it comes to giving yourself a false start in the race to achieving your goal.

Just a couple things to think about over this festive time.

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