It's common to hear 'I will start eating healthy and exercising more in Jan' but until then you will continue to eat your body weight in food and try to break the world record for least amount of movement in a month ha ha!

So why not try something new and 'Pre Plan' this is something I always do before a big challenge. I will design my nutrition plan and test it out a week before.

Now this doesn't mean you are starting your healthy eating a week early but instead just testing some of the meals to make sure they are suitably timed during the day (quick and easy for breakfast, prepped and ready for lunch, quick to cook or can be cooking whilst working for dinner).

I would also plan and test out my workouts to make sure they are suitable and I enjoy them, because after all you put more effort into things you enjoy. Making sure the gym I am using has the suitable equipment and isn't too busy when I train. I would also make sure I have enough time out of each day to exercise in some way even if it was just getting my steps up.

I also set myself goals as this will motivate me during the first two tough weeks where you are most likely to give up and go back to square one. Making sure you know what you want to achieve at the end and each month will help a lot, just remember to be realistic.

So why not over christmas take a break from the chocolate and start your Pre Plan.

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