But do you really know the difference & are you causing more harm than good!

Everyone wants to see results and quickly, but sometimes the way we do it can cause negative effects on us. It is important to stay positive when pushing towards a goal as it is this and this only which gets you through the days when you are struggling.

There is no perfect pathway to achieving your goals, you will have ups & downs and sometimes it won't even be your fault. But the key is to spot them and not be affected by them.

One of the ways we can track our progress and most commonly used is the scales..

But how do we monitor our progress and not check in on ourselves?

So lets talk through the difference; In fitness terms you would best describe it like this...


If you are stepping on the scales every day to see if you are losing weight, then it’s important to have the right mind set otherwise it can be a massive negative!

Yes it’s a good thing to track your weight and everyone will do it differently but the key is why you are doing it and how to react to it.

You should step on the scales to monitor your progress, this means keeping an eye on your weight to watch patterns like slow but repetitive weight loss, therefore giving you confidence that the macros you are consuming are working and don’t need to be altered!


Checking your weight everyday to see if you have lost can cause negative effects and harsh reactions like starving yourself or big reductions in calories if you step on the scales one day and it goes up!

My rule of thumb is 3... three days of either no change or an increase before you do anything about it. Negative changes in your weight can easily be caused by a late meal the night before, increase in liquid or just stress/ sleep.

So make sure whatever way you decide to track your progress you keep one thing in mind, that you are doing it to monitor your progress and not check in on yourself all the time 👍🏻

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