The Importance of Goals

With the past 18 months been and gone it has opened our eyes to how quickly our body can change, from weight gain to weight loss, to the increase energy to tiredness.

So now life is getting back to what some would say 'Normal' it is important to get back to setting goals as this will motivate us through the cold and wet days which come.

So why is it important to set goals?

Setting goals is important as it gives us a reason to train or to eat healthy, after all why would you make yourself do something challenging or testing if there isn't a 'light at the end of a tunnel'.

Holidays, Weddings & Birthdays are just some of the typical reasons for why we want to get healthy. But what about the time periods between? what happens after that event and before the next?

We need to set realistic short term and long term goals to help keep motivation high, for example 'I want to lose 1 stone' is not a motivating goal... 'I want to lose weight so I can fit in a dress' is a better goal! 'The dress will make me feel happy as it was a dress I haven't been able to wear for 5 years' is even now breaking down the goal and finding out the reason behind it. This part will motivate you through the hard days!

So when your next struggling to get motivated or not sure why you want to train, then think of your goal and then why you have chosen that goal.

And remember 'One Stone' is just a number not a look!

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