Updated: Mar 23, 2021

With gyms now closed and with a lot of us being restricted to our own four walls (the house) it’s very easy to lose motivation to stay fit & healthy during lockdown.

One of the lessons we learnt from this time last year was how difficult it is to get gym equipment, when everyone in the country is doing the same!

So what have we learnt from this important lesson… WE NEED TO ADAPT!

This means finding objects around the house we can use or purchasing cheaper or less wanted equipment and adapting how we use them.

Now I know A LOT of people love the feel you get when you lift weights, that PUMP! But guess what… you can also get that with body weight, resistance bands and over objects, you might just need to change up the reps, tempo and routine!

Body weight can allow you to perform a lot of pressing movements focusing on the Chest & Shoulders, such as Press Ups, Incline Press Ups, Decline Press Ups & Shoulder Press Ups. But it also allows you to focus on the Triceps with exercises such as Dips and Narrow Press Ups.

Resistance Bands provide you with the pulling exercises targeting the Chest, Shoulders, Back & Biceps. Exercises such as the Pec Flyes, Upright Row, Straight Arm Pull Downs & Bicep Curls can all be done using different height attachment points and by using either shorter/strong bands or by moving away from the attachment point.

Other objects such as Sandbags, Backpacks & Tyres can be used for many different exercises to allow you to perform whole body workouts and cardio!

Sometimes you just need to open your mind and try out some weird movements!

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