Over the past 13 years I have trained a range of different clients, but one of my first ever clients was Mike and still to this day he is going strong!

Mike has been training with me since the Wilburs days, then continuing his training with myself at JustGym for the next five years. When lockdown started Mike was on good form with his training and results, he had already managed to drop an incredible amount of weight and was smashing his workouts.

Mike didn't let lockdown affect him, as he took his training virtually to zoom, making sure he kept up the weekly sessions and tracked his nutrition, he was able to continue his progress.

Mike has not stopped his progress but one thing which was affected was his opportunity to challenge himself. He loves being able to challenge himself with some amazing but ridiculous challenges and after a lengthly time out because of lockdown, he is now finally back at it.

Have a good read of his testimonial below and what he has coming his way in May....

North Coast of Scotland Bike Ride-516 miles

I have been working with Ben for over 10 years now. He 'rescued' me from being over worked, overweight and not paying much attention to my general good health. Over that period, I have increased my fitness, my nutrition, and my mental wellbeing. Like the rest of us, I like to undo all the good work from time to time, but Ben has never given me a hard time.

My eldest son Charlie and I hatched a plan to challenge ourselves to a bit of a long and adventurous bike ride some time ago but covid restrictions have continued to get in the way, until now. So, it's only now we are confident that we will be able to travel up to Scotland on 30th April to start cycling of the challenge, below. This is a tough challenge, cycling over 500 miles in a maximum of 6 days, something I could not have even thought about without Ben's help over many years. As Ben's strapline says, 'Achieve Anything'. Let's hope so.

We will be on campsites in between stages with a support vehicle keeping a bit of an eye out for us where possible. For those interested there will be a daily diary on Charlie Passfield's Facebook page which will hopefully share the beaty of this unique part of the UK, some humour and our emotions as we break out of our comfort zones.

If you want to see why we wanted to do this and our aim, then please read on, otherwise thanks for your support.


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