Counting macros can look difficult and confusing but it doesn’t need to be, if you follow this step by step guide.


Track you food for a week, this is your first move when it comes to understanding what you eat and what you need to eat. For the first week you just need to eat normally but track you food. By doing this you will achieving a big thing, you are now taking responsibility for the food you are eating becuase you are having to write it down or fill it out on a app. This means you are taking time out of your life to sit down and track your food after each meal or each day, that is a great effort well done!


I want you to now use the macors you have and try to eat for a week using your own personal macros. This will help you to start understanding foods and portion sizes which are suitable for you. A lot of people eat larger meals at the end of the day, so by tracking your macros and trying to eat to them, it might open your eyes to how much you are over eating at the end of the day.


Now try to put together some meal ideas which suit your macros, I am talking about 2-3 different breakfast ideas, 2-3 lunch ideas and the same for dinner. This will now allow you to take the stress out of following macros as you have your go to meals to fall back on which will help you achieve your macros daily. This will take you onto the last step…


Put together your own macro plan. Now this can be done from the meal ideas you tried out the week before. This meals each day will now have a set breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks which will help you hit your macro target each day. Now I know what you are thinking, ‘This will take the fun out of it’ and yes you might be right, but what it also does is take the stress out of it too. You can now shop quicker and prep more, to make sure you are ready each day to not only hit your macros but SMASH IT!

So have a try of this plan and see if you can achieve some great results!

Macro tracking doesn’t need to be difficult if you have a good plan

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