From the 12th April indoor gyms will reopen (Fingers Crossed), but what is happening at Aptitude Fitness...?

I can not wait to get everyone back inside and using the wide range of equipment I have to offer, espcially because there are a number of clients who have started in 2021 and therefore not even trained indoors yet!

Over the past 5 or so months, Aptitude Fitness has been based online or outside, and I would like to say a massive thank you to the whole team for the amazing spirit which has stay around within the team, making this past 5 months go so quickly.

The whattsapp group has been going mad throughout the past 5 months, and its been great reading and responding to everything sent in. What has been great, is seeing so many different pople come out of their shell and really get involved in the chat, speaking about how they get over certain challenges with it being food or exercise based.

So..... what is happening indoors?

Aptitude Fitness HQ is only just 6 months old, but I really aim to keep the gym looking fresh and up to date. So when you walk through the door you will see a coupl

e of changes;

- We have a defibrillator! this was very kindly donated to us by 'The Community HeartBeat Trust' who are our charity this year. Hopefully we can help raise some money when restrictions relax.

- More light! extra ceiling light will be installed before the 12th April , to improve the quality of each session and to allow yourself to see if I am increasing the dumbbells or not!

- Equipment adjustments! I am hoping to get in a couple new pieces of equipment which require a couple changes to the gym, so the barbell rack is being moved and the fold away squat is being reinforced.

So becuase of that, I can't wait to get you all back inside again where you belong. Of course all Covid rules will be upheld, so please could you wear your mask when waiting in reception and clean your hands before entering the gym. All equipment will be continued to be cleaned after every session and if required by yourself, I can wear a mask.

Bring on the 12th April!

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