So 2020 has either been very good to you, or been a year you want to forget… For me it’s been an amazing challenging journey, with the setting up of Aptitude Fitness HQ. But it isn’t stopping there!

So with 2021 just around the corner I have already got some little ideas for you guys.


I have a couple pieces of equipment in mind which I feel would massively improve and develop your training whilst in the HQ, and also will just fit in this amazing facility. I am always aiming to be able to provide you the clients with the most up to date useful equipment and just because I have recently started up, doesn’t mean I will now sit back and not invest more money into helping you all, so keep an eye out for the BRAND NEW equipment coming soon.

Open Gym

With clients now set up with regular days/times I have found the gym empty at times and feel it could have a greater benefit and use. So after speaking to Olivia from Injury Recovery Centre, we are looking into the possibility of opening the gym to clients of both businesses to use in their own time to either help come back from a current injury, by using the gym for rehab and strengthening or to help assist yourself with your fitness goal. So over the next couple months we will be putting something in place to help you all.

The Payment Plan

Aptitude Fitness will be going onto direct debit from the 1st January 2021! This is a massive but also very professional step in the right direction for both Aptitude Fitness and it’s valued clients. This new service provides the chance for Ben to spend more time focusing on offering a more all round service on top of what he already provides. After all a direct debit shouldn’t worry anyone because after all if you have made that big step coming to the HQ then you are already committing to the better,strong & fitter future you. Over 90% of Ben’s Aptitude Fitness client have been with him between 1-12years so in his eyes, committing to the future isn’t an issue for them!

So there are just a couple of things to look forward too in 2021!

I can’t wait to see all the returning and future clients in 2021, see you soon.

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