I myself have been training since the age of 14, as I looked to help develop my sporting background (Athletics, Rugby & Football) by training in the gym.

I started with basing my training around purely cardio as I was under the age of 16 and wasn’t allowed to use free weights or weight machines.

After building that base of fitness, I then started focusing on building my frame as I was a very skinny teenager. Over the next 2-3 years I did not only improve my health/ fitness but massively changed my body shape, I was no longer a skinny teenager anymore.

I have now found my interest pushed in the direction of Mens Physique Competitions, this is where a person is judged on their upper body physique, focusing around definition. I love watching the body develop & change over time when put on a strict nutrition and training plan.

So having a challenge like competing on stage where you are judged based on all that hard work, is right up my path, hitting both the training side but also the sporty competitive side of me.

It just shows what can be achieved when you really put the effort in.

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