Don’t let another lockdown affect your weight!

Don’t let another lockdown affect your weight!

It wasn’t shocking to hear that so many of my clients put on weight during the last lockdown because of stress and boredom, even though they were regularly exercising.

It is proven that you can’t out train a bad diet, but that was the issue we were having last time!

So this time with ‘LockDown 2.0’ arriving I decided to offer not only my clients but also anyone else who wanted it, FREE nutrition videos to help them understand what they needed to do to keep eating clean.

I really wanted to focus on helping people really understand what a healthy balanced diet is and how that can be achieved. So as we find ourselves one week into the current Lockdown, I have focused on the understanding of MACROS.

What are Macros?

What foods are in Protein, Carbs & Fats?

How much of each should I consume?

How do I work this out?

Simple but confusing questions/topics which can be answered if someone like myself sat down and talked it through, so that is what I have done!

All videos can be found on my youtube channel, but if you want up to date videos, simply follow my Facebook page and drop me a message, and I will personally send over the videos to you.

Don’t let lockdown stop you, after all knowledge is POWER!

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