Knowing the difference...

Everyone has their own thoughts on 'the best way to lose weight' but making sure you don't get caught up with the negative sides of weight loss is important.

This is a great way to describe what I am talking about...

"Understanding that a lack of exercise will not make you gain weight.... but exercising will help you lose it"

This means if one week you don't get the time to exercise and you check you weight only to find that you have gained weight.... IT IS NOT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T EXERCISE!

Exercising can be very addictive but its important to remember to do it for the right reasons and to enjoy it. If you miss a workout or don't have the time.... don't worry.

There is a handful of reasons why you might of gained weight that week and one of them could simply be not adapting your calories and macros for a week where you weren't going to exercise.

But don't let this make you think that exercise doesn't help, because it does!

Sticking to a calorie deficit plan and to your macros will help your results go through if they are done along side regular exercise. The key is to base your nutrition around your life as if you didn't do any exercise, that way when you do, your results will be amazing and when you can't train, your calories won't be too high and therefore not cause you to gain weight.

So.... do you now understanding the saying above...?

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