Just a little weight gain..

Sometimes it can be hard to really understand why we gain weight and how easy it can be.

Weight gain can be caused by many different reasons

- Reduce of exercise

- Increase of calories

- Unbalanced diet

- Poor hydration & sleep

In December it is more common for weight gain to be through increase of calories because of socials with friends and family, work parties, cold weather, gift giving and of course christmas!

One of the common phrases I get from clients which they gain weight is 'I don't understand how I have gained weight'

Typically to gain 1lb of weight in a week you would need to consume +500kcals each day, that is 3,500kcals over the week!

Now if you are one of my many clients who have had a nutrition plan from me you will remember saying to me 'Can I really eat that much' you said that because I had set out a clean eating plan for you which means you can consume a lot more food, but when you consume foods which are higher in fat or built up of sugar, you wont get as much back in the way of calories / portion sizes and therefore causing you to eat more!

So if we base it on a typical person who need 2,000kcals per day to stay the same weight, but in the month of December they gain 5lbs. They would of eaten their 62,000kcals they are allowed to consume that month, along with the extra 15,500kcals to cause the 5lb weight gain! Thats a whooping 77,500kcals consumed that month of December!

So try thinking twice before going completely off the wagon this month...

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