Is it too late?

It's now summer and even though the weather might not look like it and we aren't really allowed/able to go abroad either to enjoy it on the beach, it is still the summer!

But is it too late to get that summer body.... the answer is NO! That summer body can be achieved very simply and very quickly if you are consistent! Consistent with your training, Consistent with your nutrition & Consistent with your daily neat.

A simple solution to getting those results quickly is too stay on track and allow your body to develop, we are always too quick to smash out a couple days of minimal eating and then fail with a big binge out because either we aren't getting results or its too hard!

But if you focus on a calorie deficit plan (not too low), take on plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep you filling full, then you allow your body to start changing for the positive. The key thing is understanding your body will take time, not to just get you results but also to allow your stomach to change, this means allowing your stomach to shrink / your appetite to reduce, it will happen and that hunger feeling will go but it will take time, I normally say 2 weeks for the appetite and then 4 weeks to change a routine/habit.

Exercise is KEY but not the MAIN FOCUS! Ever heard the saying 'You can't out train a bad diet' this means you can't rely on training 7 days a week and think that will get you the results you want! Ok yes if you have never been to a gym before then a week or two of full on training will get you some quick results but then it will stop!

The best way to understand how just exercising doesn't work is this... look at the back of your favourite treats package and note the calories, then try and burn them off! After you have done this, now open your mind and now think you have burn off the rest of your daily calories too!

A little something everyday makes a bit difference! Making time out to train everyday can be difficult but taking time out or focusing on your steps everyday can make a long term difference. Focusing on your NEAT is a simple but effective way to burn calories everyday without having to make time out to train, aiming to hit 10,12 or 15,000 steps per day will not only keep you active but also burn calories & provide you with more time away from the kitchen and the chances of snacking!

So NO its not too late to get that summer body you want, just think CONSISTENCY!

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