I hate diets

How many of you agree with the title to this blog..?

Some many of us have negative thoughts and opinions on diets, if that comes from pervious experiences or just our views, but does that mean you can't or won't lose weight / change your body shape...no!

It just means we need to rethink how to achieve your goals without the negative or challenging images / ideas you relate to when thinking about diets. It's not just about cutting out certain foods or not having a social life but instead focusing on a balance, after all one of my favourite phrases is 'If you can't stick to this life style for the next 10 years then whats the point' by that I mean whats the point of sticking to a diet which yes might get you the results you want but isn't realistic and therefore can't be kept to causing you lose them?

If I said to you that I could guarantee you a 2 stone weight loss but in 3 months you would gain it back again plus more, would you try it?

Why achieve a goal if you can't stick to it later on down the line...

Using a healthy eating plan which suits you is key and is the only way to achieve some amazing long term results. Educating yourself on what you need to eat, drink and do to achieve and keep your dream body / life is the only way forward.

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