Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Even though we find ourselves at home working, we somehow are still running out of time to focus on eating heathy!

With many people around the country fighting to keep their jobs, the typical working hours are now getting longer & longer.

The time spent traveling to work, is now spent working in your home office (sitting room or kitchen). So instead of having more time to focus on eating a less rushed breakfast, and being able to cook / eat lunch, we are now gone back to missing breakfast and eating whatever you can find for lunch.

Taking two evenings out a week to prep for 3 days at a time, not only CAN, but WILL make a massive different when it comes to your energy levels and motivation!

If you can improve both of them, then you will find achieving your goals so much easier!

So plan your breakfast, and allow time to eat it!

Prep your lunches and have them ready in the fridge!

And know what you are having for dinner so you never miss out!

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