Aptitude Fitness is going from strength to strength!

Over the past 6 months Aptitude Fitness has really developed becuase of the new based at the Audley End Buisness Centre.

The team is almost FULLY BOOKED! It's great to say and I have always wanted to be able to say this.... Aptitude Fitness only has a couple slots available left to join the team. The reason why I put a limited on the amount of clients I train and sessions I do, is becasue I want to continue to offer the high services I live by. Making sure that the last client of the day gets the same service as the first, and if any client requires a different day or time, I would want to make sure I could offer them a second option, becuase after all I don't want anyone to miss out!

So what is going to happen at the HQ?

We are going to carry on getting stronger and stronger! The team will carry on jellying together in the private chats and building friendships after their sessions when they cross over.

And what is the best way to keep this enviroment growing..... A PARTY!

Keep an eye out for the summer.....

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