Drink more, lose more...

Has anyone ever told you if you drink more water you will lose weight? Well that is true!

So much of your hunger cravings are caused by dehydration and not actual hunger!

So how can you lose weight by drinking water, well simply by drinking a pint of water along side each meal, which will straight away mean you are adding 3 pints to your daily intake on top of whatever you are consuming already.

The next step is whenever you are hungry try drinking water before snacking, this will do two things;

1) It will fill you up and therefore prove you were actually dehydrated and not hungry.


2) It will bloat you and therefore decrease the amount of food you require to fill that hunger craving.

Another important reason to focus on your water intake is the performance level of your workouts. This will be largely affected by a lack of water (dehydration) causing your energy levels to drop and therefore performance to drop too! This means your workouts are not less likely to be helping you towards your overall goal.

So why not come away from the low calorie diets or the aggressive high intensity training and instead look at your water intake.

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