Don't get bored... get functional

Do you find your training is getting a bit 'Samey' and 'Boring' why not mix it up with some functional training.

Too many people perform the same restricted movements on weight machines not allowing the body to have freedom and to move through the planes of movements they are meant too.

So why not add some functional movements to your workout allowing not only the intensity of your workout to increase but also allowing the muscles to be worked differently.

Functional movements like squats, deadlifts, snatches, thrusters, cleans & swings allows the body to be tested through explosive movements whilst building muscle and improving your cardio fitness.

These movements can be put together via a circuit to allow the person to get outside the comfort zone and really test themselves. These movements need to be performed correctly with good form to reduce the chance of injury and to maximise the results.

So why not move away from the old school restricted weight machines and more towards the snatches.

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