Don't be hard on yourself, for everyone negative...there is a positive.

Sometimes we just want everything now, but is that really fair on yourself?

If you start your weight loss journey at 100kg and you step on the scales at 99.9kg then that is a massive achievement! Whatever you did in that period caused your body to lose weight and yes you might of wanted to lose more but that is now motivation and not a negative.

If you want to lose more then you need to look at the bigger picture,

Did you stick to your nutrition plan 100%? 7 days per week?

Did you achieve your weekly workouts?

Was there anything which caused issues during that time?

Understanding what might of slowed down your weight loss or what could be changed to help speed up your weight loss is key.

Enjoy your results (Positives) & learn from your barriers (Negatives) because that is all they are barriers, things which are stopping you today but not tomorrow.

Aptitude Fitness

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