Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We are stronger & more motivated!

Over the past 12 months we have gone in and out of lockdown, along with different tiers. So what has it taught us about what we can actually achieve?

We have the motivation to keep training no matter what, if its outside in the sun or cold, online via zoom whilst training at home in our sitting rooms and bedrooms, or following workout plans using minimal equipment.

The training conditions aren’t the only thing which has had to change. Being outside or online has meant the training method style has had to change, from high impact training to minimal equipment circuits. I know at Aptitude Fitness we have focused a lot on circuit training because of the cold conditions outside, I thought it was key to focus on keeping clients warm whilst training. When inside we have focused on short high intensity circuits to help with focus and enjoyment, because after all training at home via webcam using minimal equipment isn’t always fun.

Nutrition has shown to be a great way to not only help you lose weight but also control it when not exercising. Throughout this year many peoples body weight has gone up through stress and boredom eating. If you are able to control and keep to a good balanced diet, it will allow you to achieve great results or reduce damage caused by the reduced exercise levels.

The lockdown & tier changes have shown that if you really want it, you can achieve and you will do anything for it. Restrictions on where and when you can exercise has only shown us how much we really want it and how we will make sure that our new lives style suits the new world.

So don’t let anything get in your way and keep adapting your plans and lives style to allow you to achieve your goals during 2021.

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