Chicken or the egg...

Understanding why you aren't getting anywhere with your results can be very confusing...

'I feel tired'

'I didn't eat much today'

'It was only one or two'

When speaking to clients after they have achieved their goal or got to the big target day is there is a common out come... they struggle to get going again!

I'm not meal prepping because i'm too tired and can't be bothered.

I'm too tired and don't have the enthusiasm because i'm not eating proper meals

I'm snacking and eating what I can when I can

I'm picking foods which give me energy and make me feel better

I'm not exercising as I don't have the time

Does any of these sound like common phrases you might say? all of these are you putting yourself 2nd!

You aren't eating good balanced meals / any meals which is causing you to feel tired, so instead you are choosing easy to grab foods which either aren't filling you up or are giving you sudden peaks of energy. The issue with this is that you are at some point going to drop in energy again, most likely in a couple of hours and instead of choosing a food option which will give you a longer energy boost, you will again choose a short term option.

Because of your food options you are causing your body to peak and drop in energy and therefore effect your mood levels. The only thing to do is to break the cycle!

'The chicken & the egg"

What comes first you feeling more energetic / motivated and wanting to prep your food


You accepting your feeling tired because of your current life style and the only way to break the trend is to prep your food, giving yourself more energy and motivation.

One is the easy option and the other is the right option...

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