Yes it's true.... WE ARE BACK INSIDE!

It's been a long time coming but we are finally back inside! Since the 2nd lockdown back in November, Aptitude Fitness has been forced outside. The lockdown closed gyms and forced training outside in the cold, but the team carried on strong!

When lockdown finished at the beginning of December, training was still forced to stay outside with tier 4 rules, but that didn't stop the team from pushing forward and staying positive going into christmas.

Lockdown was reenforced in January keeping Aptitude Fitness outside in the cold until the end of March, but wow it feels good to be back in warm!

Since the beginning of April I have seen massive improvements already in not just the training but also the motivation with the team. Clients have enjoyed the wider range of equipment and have been motivated to not only keep pushing forward with their own nutrition but also add in extra workout in their own local gyms.

Even though I would love to have a client for the rest of their life, the greater feeling is watching them take everything they have learnt in and outside of the gym and use it themselves. I find you get a range of different clients in this industry, some really depending on you and some just wanting/needing some support. So to see these types of clients develop and feel more confident to go at it alone can only be taken as a positive!

But of course they can't let go of their FIX! So they always keep at least one session going, to make sure they stay on track!

How have you found the past 6,12... almost 18 months?

Are you back on track and motivated?

This is the chance to press the restart button and get back to looking after yourself and feeling good.

I hope to see you all in the gym soon....

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