Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Making sure you have the correct foundation when it comes to your nutrition is key!

With so many diet plans out there, can you really say you have picked the right one for you?

Building the correct foundation to help you not only achieve your goal when it comes to healthy eating but also continue it later on in life is key. This means putting together a plan where you are able to control what your eating, but more importantly understand why your eating it.

There are many different ways to approach a healthy diet… calories, macros, cutting out food or calorie deficit. But the most important things are a lot simpler….

Tracking your food – Understanding what you are eating and taking responsibly for it is key. Writing down what you eat and when you eat it allows you to see weaknesses and habits.

Taking the stress out – Changing your diet can be stressful, so allowing yourself a easy option to reduce that is key! Building a structure like regular set meals, makes it easier to hit goals and even food shop. So why not pick 1-2 breakfast options, along with lunch and dinner.

Prep is key – We all have busy lives, so why not reduce the chance of failure by taking a couple hours out of your life each week to prep and give yourself every opportunity to stick to your plan.

So remember a good diet isn’t just about what gets you the quickest weight loss but the one which provides you with the best foundation for the future.

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