25 Days to go...

Yes you are right, its a blog about christmas! But don't worry I have a reason...

With only 25 days to go until christmas it is prime time to make a change and achieve some results. At this current time of year it is very common to reduce your exercise and increase your calories based on the conditions outside, but it is even more common for your exercise levels to drop and calories to go up when we hit December as we start to think about the big day coming up.

So why not set yourself a small short term goal, after all a lot can be achieved in just 25 days! simply planning and sticking to a set breakfast, lunch and dinner will reduce the chances of eating set foods/meals based on your stomach and instead on what you should / need to eat.

Deciding on how many times you should get out and exercise per week, along with setting a time and a duration to make sure you don't push your workouts until the end of the week or miss them out all together.

We tend to eat more when we are bored, so get out of the house and exercise. We tend to lose more weight when performing daily exercise to get out and exercise. We feel more energetic and happier when we eat a balance diet which does drop and peak throughout the day, so follow a good food plan.

Simply changes in just 25 days can make big results!

Buy why..?

There is two ways to think about it

1) To see some quick results which will make you feel better, but also make it easier to get back into exercising in the new year as you have continued all the way up to christmas instead of stopping a month early.


2) It will allow you more space in your stomach for christmas food and drink ha ha!

So make sure the next 25 days are productive...

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