Why don’t I eat carbs at night

Now these days you see a lot of people posting about not eating carbs after 6pm, but why 6pm?

Now the 6pm bit means NOTHING! It’s the evening bit they are talking about. Food is fuel after all, protein helps the muscles recover & grow, fats provide the organs with vitamins & minerals, and carbs provides the body with energy. So why would you have a large carb meal at night if you don’t need all that energy?

If you are going from the dinning room table to the sofa, I am pretty sure the body won’t find it that hard to provide you with enough energy to do so, even without having any carbs for dinner. 

So the issue we have now with a carb based meal is that the body has a large amount of calories to burn off before bedtime, and if you are not able to burn them off, the body is only going to do one thing with the left over calories and that is store them as fat.

Another issue for having carbs at night, is to do with my comment before about energy. Why would you fill yourself up with energy based food just before bed? It makes no sense, by the time the food gets through your system and your energy levels spike, it would be just before bed! Good luck getting a good night sleep now!

So knowing that all the carbs you don’t burn off are going to be stored as fat, and knowing that the food you are eating is only going to make getting to sleep harder, would you therefore choose now to have a carb based dinner?

Why not have it at lunch and use up that energy you have given yourself and also give yourself that chance/time to burn off the calories.

So that is why I don’t tend to eat carbs at night, or at least a very large carb meal. Just keep remembering what each food you consume is doing for your body before you eat it.

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness