The dark side of dieting…

This is the my views into the negative side of dieting or as i call it the ‘Dark side’.

Eating healthy, looking better, Losing weight & feeling all around fitter is great, but what comes before that & the sacrifice you have to make.

Now just to be clear my diet has been very intense, because I have a set deadline to be in shape for (April 4th 2020) which is my men’s physique comp. So this meant I had a set duration to lose the weight, which made the weight loss quite quick and quite full on.

But along the way I have found out about many struggles I maybe didn’t really think about before I started…

– Increase of stress

– The start of body dysmorphic

– Effects on people around you

– Tiredness 

– Separation from friends 

– Moodiness 

– Physical attraction 

– Sleep 

-Muscle mass loss

These things will effect you, if you realise them or not, but why? 

It’s all about hormones, or for guys Testosterone levels.

So one of the hidden facts when losing weight is the reaction it has on your testosterone levels in your blood, and the risk of lowering them.

When dieting it is typical for someone to cut down their fats to encourage weight loss quickly, but the negative effects on the body can be huge. 

When it comes to testosterone levels it’s a big thing as they are obtained from cholesterol which is from fat, so less cholesterol… less testosterone.

Really think hard when it comes to dieting, simply dropping from 40% to just 20% fat in your diet can make a massive difference on your levels, so why not just replace polyunsaturated fats with saturated fats instead, instead of trying to reduce fats all round.

Another common diet is low carbs, but again this diet can cause a drop in testosterone!

This time it is based around glucose, now glucose is a source of energy which you get from carbohydrates, which is why when you cut down your carbs, your energy levels drop too. 

But they also have a very important role of releasing a hormones into your body which starts off your testosterone production. 

So less glucose, less hormone release, less testosterone!

These are just two key factors which can cause side effects on you and the people around you (Moodiness, Tiredness etc).

Yes it’s great to be the best you can be, but is it worth the sacrifice which come from it.

So my advise to you is simple, don’t rush, think before you start and remember a diet isn’t the beginning and end all, lifestyle is important too. Your body is a machine and require certain things to work, so cutting them out will effect how your body performs.

Enjoy life, enjoy the people around you and do things right.

‘Remember if you can’t see yourself doing this same diet in 5-10yrs time, is it really a healthy diet?’

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness