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Single Session

Single Session

Gym Based: £35.00 per hour
Home Personal Training: £45.00 per hour

x4 Block

x4 Block

Gym Based: £135.00 (Saving £5.00) Home Personal Training: £175.00 (Saving £5.00)

x8 Block

x8 Block

Gym Based: £265.00 (Saving £15.00) Home Personal Training: £345.00 (Saving £15.00)

x12 Block

x12 Block

Gym Based: £385.00 (Saving £35.00) Home Personal Training: £495.00 (Saving £45.00)

Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Start-Up Package: £50.00 Monthly Follow-Ups: £25.00

Workout Programme

Workout Programme

Individually Designed Workout Programme £35.00

Couple Training

Couple Training

Gym Based: x2 £60 per hour X3 £75 per hour
Home Personal Training X2 £90 per hour X3 £105 per hour

Online Support

Online Support

Online Support (Monthly Workout Programmes & Nutrition Plans) £100.00 per month (Direct Debit) Six-month contract

Aptitude Fitness Benefits

The benefits you get for training with Aptitude Fitness.

Individually Designed Workout Programmes

Aptitude Fitness provides each client with a programme designed around their goals, weaknesses & current body shape. This set up allows the client to achieve the most out of their sessions/ personal training. The client is provided with between 1-3 programmes depending on the frequency of their sessions per week and receives newly updated programmes every month. Both of these reduce the chance of the client plateauing or the onset of boredom yet maximises their results gained.

Nutrition Plans

'You can't out-train a bad diet' Your nutrition is key to achieving the results you want. Aptitude Fitness provides each client with a hand-created nutrition plan based around their own individual macros and calories. These have been calculated to provide the client with the best chance to achieve their desired results; whether that be weight loss, muscle gains or just eating healthier. Each plan will provide the client with different examples of meals along with their quantity to consume daily, allowing the client to feel confident to plan, prep and cook healthy whilst achieving their goals.

Body Progression Checks

It is important to not focus just on your weight but other factors. Aptitude Fitness provides the client with monthly progression checks to monitor their results throughout their journey. Each check is made up of weight, body measurements and body fat percentage. The client is also encouraged to take baseline photos of their current body shape, with thereafter photos monitoring their progressions. This provided motivation and visual achievements. Furthermore, these photos will also be utilised to design month on month programmes tailored to their body composition.

Client Based Targets & Awards

It is important to make sure clients are motivated to achieve their goals, but it's very common for clients to lose concentration during long term targets. Aptitude Fitness provides every client with monthly targets to achieve which is based around working hard in the gym and at home. These targets are recorded every month when the client gets a progression check. If they achieve their goals then they are rewarded with a prize.

Support & Guidance

The moment you leave the gym is not the moment Aptitude Fitness services' stop. Support & guidance is available via the online account and by phone. Aptitude Fitness is here to support you throughout the whole journey, making sure every question you have about nutrition or exercise can be answered with a click or touch of a button.

Personal Online Training Account

Got the motivation to workout, but lack the knowledge on what to do? Live too far away to train with Aptitude Fitness but still want the service provided? Why not try out the online personal training service? Aptitude Fitness provides you with workout plans individually designed for your goals, including exercise videos demonstrating the techniques needed for each one, along with the correct reps and sets. You will also be provided with a nutrition plan outlining the correct meals to eat each day based on your individual macros.

Types of training

Loads of new service standards, new ways to train and relax afterwards will make this your fittest year so far.

JustGym (gym based training)

Westbrooke house, JustGym, Shire Hill, Saffron Walden CB11 3AQ

Home Training

Working in Cambridgeshire and Essex

Online Coaching

Workout Programmes and Nutrition Plans

Aptitude Fitness Clothing Range

Have a look at Aptitidues Fitness range of clothing. With 3 ranges of t-shirts/vests for men and 3 ranges of vests for women, along side snapbacks and trucker hats to suit everyone.

Nutrition plan

Get an individually designed plan to suit your lifestyle and requirements to help you achieve the results you want if it is weight loss, muscle gain or just healthy living.

Calculated Macros

A balanced diet is key when trying to change your body for both weight loss and muscle gain. Eating the correct foods and amounts of food is essential. By calculating and sticking to your macros it allows you to eat the necessary amount of calories, proteins, carbs and fats to achieve your goal.

Supplement Support

Need something to supplement your diet? Get all the needed information about supplements which you might require to achieve your goals.

Week Food Plan

Prep is power! Knowing what you are going to eat and when will make a big difference to your results. A weekly food plan provides you with the support and guidelines you need to achieve the targets you are aiming for.

Support & Guidance

Not all goals can be achieved by yourself, having that little bit of support never hurt anyone. Get everyday support on your nutrition via messenger, making sure you never feel lost or confused about your food.

Team Aptitude Fitness

Here are just some of the amazing results aptitude fitness clients have achieved