Routine, Routine…. Routine!

So currently there is a lot going on in the world, with Coronavirus effecting not just peoples health but also peoples finance. With a lot of buisnesses having to send their staff home or even close. With people struggling to even hold onto their own jobs, there is no shock your mind could be all over the place.
So I thought maybe the best thing I could offer was some simple helpful tips to keep you on track and thats way the title of this blog is ROUTINE, ROUTINE…. ROUTINE!

So im not going be stupid here and recommend you to do loads of different things, as most likely your mind isn’t going to be on fitness and weight lost, but maybe by following some simple tips you can form a routine which will reduce your snacking, increase your exercise levels and keep you thinking postive.


Targets…. Set yourself a realistic goal, both short term & long term. This means you need to design a target which can be measured in some way or another, either using scales, a tape measure, photos, body fat or some other way of performance measuring system. But if you can’t measure your improvements how can you get the positives out of all the hard work you are putting in.


Planning…. Now you have your target, how are you going to get there? which means planning the correct food to eat and the correct exercise to do, to help you achieve your goal. If you don’t plan these things you will have no way to keep to a structure which you require to achieve you goal. So plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks, along with your exercise choices for both the fitness and toning.


Motivation…. What are you going to use to motivate you day in, day out to keep you pushing through the hard days, but at the same time enjoy on the good days. That could be stepping on the scales everyday or even if its taking a photo/ checking yourself in the mirror. Just something to keep pushing you forward. Because sometimes it can be a while before you hit your first goal and this will help you get there.


Time management….Just because your at home now, don’t let your structure go! Most people find it easier to keep to a diet during the week because the structure of a job means they get up at a set time, eat lunc at a set time and get home at a set time. Why not add that back into your life even though your working from home. Make yourself get up at the same time, give yourself a break to each lunch and then after you finish work, before you relax do some sort of exercise to clear the mind before you settle down for the evening. This type of routine will help a lot towards the pervious steps!

So hopefully these FOUR steps will help you get your routine back and get motivated to stay fit & healthy during this tough time. So put down that chocolate bar, roll out that exercise mat and lets get started!

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness