Week Food Plan

Prep is power! Knowing what you are going to eat and when will make a big difference to your results. A weekly food plan provides you with the support and guidelines you need to achieve the targets you are aiming for.

Each plan will be individually designed for your dietary needs, along with your food likes and dislikes. You will be provided with different options for each meal to reduce the chance of boredom (common factor of failed diets) and along with having the nutrition plan suited around your work and personal lifestyle.

Support & Guidance

Not all goals can be achieved by yourself, having that little bit of support never hurt anyone. Get everyday support on your nutrition via messenger, making sure you never feel lost or confused about your food.

After all everyone is different and therefore there is no magical nutrition plan to follow. The human body reacts differently so it’s important to adapt a plan to keep results coming. By having this support you would know that your in safe hands and that your plan was being regularly checked and tweaked.

Calculated Macros

A balanced diet is key when trying to change your body for both weight loss and muscle gain. Eating the correct foods and amounts of food is essential. By calculating and sticking to your macros it allows you to eat the necessary amount of calories, proteins, carbs and fats to achieve your goal.

Aptitude Fitness will calculate your daily calories based on your body weight, gender & goal. From there he will workout out your macros (protein, carbs & fats) using a set calculation method. These macros will change as your body weight does to help you keep moving towards your overall goal.

Supplement Support

Need something to supplement your diet? Get all the needed information about supplements which you might require to achieve your goals.

Protein shakes, bar & cookies can all help with snacking and increasing your protein levels. Aptitude Fitness also provides guidance when it comes to other supplements such as Vitamins , BCCA’s, Creatine and much more which you might want to take or not take. After all supplements aren’t for everyone but it’s good to know everything you need to know about them.