Learning about your body type

It is very important to know the difference in body types and what body type you are. Knowledge of this can change the way you might approach your training in the gym. Everyone is different and therefore, everyone should train differently. You should never be ashamed of your body shape but instead take the positives from it and make the most out of what you have. 

In this blog I will talk you through; the different body types, how it will effect your training and what you can do to get the most out of your shape. 

Firstly the three different body types; 


This body type is someone who would typically be tall & skinny. They would be described as an ‘rectangle shape’ narrow but long in length. 


This body type is someone who would typically be over-weight. They would be described as a ‘pear shape’ as their body would curve, being wider around the stomach and hips. 


This body type is someone who would typically have an athletic build. They would be described as a ‘V shape’ or ‘Egg Timer’ being wide on the shoulders, narrow at the waist and then maybe wide in the legs. 

Now, hopefully you have identified what body type you are and maybe even identified the body type of friends and family of yours. Observing other peoples body shape and seeing how you differ is important. It is key to eliminate comparisons as this would be unfair. Goal setting and achievements will be dependent on the individuals body shape. 

Next up ‘How does each body type effect your results…?’ 

So firstly, I will start with ‘Ectomorph’. This person is tall & skinny ‘Rectangle Shape’ they struggle to build muscle mass or a define shape to their body. In addition to this, they find it extremely easy to keep weight off and therefore eat what they like. Now this doesn’t mean they are healthy just because they are ‘skinny’. This is just their body shape, they most likely have a high metabolism. This means energy that they attain through foods can be burnt quicker than that of someone of a different body type. They typically are able to consume more calories that other people without necessarily seeing detrimental effects. 

Next up is the ‘Endomorph’. This person is pretty much the opposite of ‘Ectomorph’ they store fat a lot easier and find it hard to drop weight. This is most likely down to a lower metabolism in comparison. They are typically a ‘Pear Shape’ and store fat easier on their arms, stomach, legs, chest & back. If you are an ‘Endomorph’ you would normally say ‘I just need to look at food to gain weight’. 

Lastly is the ‘Mesomorph’. Now this person is the very lucky type. People of this build find it easier to lose weight than the ‘Endomorph’ and can build muscle mass quicker than the ‘Ectomorph’. Some would say they have ‘perfect genes’. This person, with the correct workout and nutrition plan, can achieve great results and therefore, should not waste this great opportunity. 

So now you know your body type and the positive/negatives of that type. Let me tell you how to get the most out of it. 

If you’re an ‘Ectomorph’ you need to focus on a high calorie diet, mainly built up of carbs & protein. This will help with the muscle mass you are trying to focus on. When in the gym you should focus on compound movements, these are exercises which involve more than one muscle. Movements such as; Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Squats, Seated Row & Deadlifts… that means stay away from curls guys. The main reason for this is to build the size and shape of your body, aiming to get away from the ‘rectangle’ look and establish more of a ‘V Shape’ 

If you’re an ‘Endomorph’ you need to focus on a lower calorie diet, monitoring the amount of carbs you are consuming and keeping your protein high. Ideally you want your carbs & fats to be low, but your protein to be high. Your body already finds it hard to burn off the carbs and fats you are eating fast enough so keeping an eye on this will be very beneficial. Training wise you need to focus on intensity, this means using ‘super-sets’ or ‘circuits’ to keep the body working at a high intensity. You should complete some aerobic/cardio but do not focus your whole training session around sitting on the bike, as weights are important too. 

Now if you’re a ‘Mesomorph’ you should be focusing on getting the best out of your body. Eat a clean diet, aiming to hit your macros (carbs, fats & protein) whilst focusing on a workout plan which helps build your body shape but also define each of your muscles. Perform your exercises at a controlled tempo and focus on form not weight. 

Hopefully this blog has helped you towards understanding your body/ body type, and just remember… everyone is different and therefore, needs to eat and train differently to achieve their goals.

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness