How to get that perfect six pack

The six pack is that dream part of anyone’s beach body, and currently there are many different ways people think you can achieve this. These range from doing 1 million sit ups a day to using a vibrating pads machine on your stomach. 

But I will talk you through what you really need to do, to achieve that amazing beach body you have been dreaming about. 

The Nutrition

This is the first point because it is the key to achieving that perfect stomach. You need to focus on the following: 

· Eating a deficit calorie diet, which means eating less calories than your body requires to do everyday activities. 

· Eating a balanced diet, so that means the correct amount of carbs, proteins & fats. There is no point eating under your calorie target if all of the consumed calories are carbs. 

· Keeping away from sugar & high fatty foods is key as it will make massive effects on your weight & appearance. Sugar foods will increase & decrease your energy/hunger levels, when high fatty foods will take longer for your body to breakdown. 

· Last of all, making sure your hydrated at all times. A lot of people don’t know that one of reasons behind feeling hungry is actually dehydration and not a lack of food. So, try drinking a pint of water with every meal and sipping water during the day. 

The Cardio

This isn’t as important as the nutrition, and you can choose to add this to your workout plan or not. In my opinion you get better/faster results when adding cardio to your workout. The main reason for this is it helps towards your calorie deficit. If you’re 200-300 calories under your recommend amount and then you minus another 200-300 calories lost by completing cardio, you are speeding up that reaction, but in the best way. It is important to get that extra bit through cardio and not by dropping more calories as your body will start going on lock down if it thinks you are starving it. So, I recommend long slow cardio training, between 30-45mins a couple of days per week, just to get a good sweat on. 

The Exercises

Now straight away forget about doing 100’s of sit up each day, it is not worth the time. Instead focus on the different movements, the technique & the intensity you are putting on your stomach. There are a lot of different muscles which make up the typical six pack and therefore, it is important 

to work your stomach in different ranges of movement to make sure you target all of the muscles. 

So make sure you focus on the following: 

· Crunch movement 

· Leg lift movement 

· Twist movement 

· Side Crunch Movement 

Keep every exercise slow and controlled and really focus on squeezing your abdominals. 

If you put effort into all three of these methods, then you provide yourself with a good opportunity to achieve that dream six pack. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your abs, so take it slow and stay positive. 

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness