How to design the perfect home workout

Everyone is getting into home workouts because of the lockdown rules causing gyms to close. 
But with the limited equipment available to everyone, people are being forced to perform a lot of body weight exercises.
Because of this there is a high risk of boredom or even injury. So this is why I would like to provide you with some useful tips to make sure your getting the most out of your home workouts.

So when your in the gym you have a range of different equipments, weights and space to provide you with many good workouts, but now we are limited in all three! So how can we adjust to these issues..?


We can focus on using household objects to replace what we might use in the gym such as chairs, beds, tables, bottles, cans etc. Something like a chair would provide you with a surface to perform Tricep dips on, incline & decline press ups, step ups, raised bridge curls and even seated squats. So that’s only just a handful of exercises which I has listed there, which is based around using one house hold object.


Now if you were in a gym and wanted to improve an exercise you would increase the weight, like adding an extra disc on the bar or picking up a heavier dumbbell. But when your at home and have limited equipment, do you just keep performing the same exercise at the same weight again & again, hell no!
Instead try out these simple methods of increasing your intensity without changing up the weight.

Speed – Slow down the exercise, think about the tempo, 3 seconds on the eccentric/concentric phrase, 1 second pause and then 3 seconds back. This would add tension on the muscles because your reducing the momentum of the movement and adding controlled contraction to the muscle instead.

Angles – Changing up the angle of which you are performing the movement, causes you to lift different amounts of your body weight. For example when performing a kneeling press up, you can increase the tension on the muscles by moving the knees further back away from the hands.

Training Methods – Normally in the gym we would perform a set and then rest, but when we are struggling to hit the same intensity as our gym workouts because we don’t have the same heavy weights, we must change things up and one of the way to do that is changing your training methods from control lifting to maybe circuit training. By training in this style you allow yourself to reduce rest breaks, causing the muscle to have to work through the tiredness. For example using Tabata style training, you would perform a exercise for 20SEC and then rest for 10SEC, repeating this for 4MINS. This would challenge your body in a completely different way than your body is use to.


You don’t need a lot of space to train at home. I normally say as long as you have enough space for an exercise mat, you should be fine. For example any exercises which involve over head movements you can perform seats and therefore won’t be effected by low ceiling. So don’t be put off, if you only have a small spare room to train, it can be done and you just have to work with what you have.

So hopefully these tips would of not just provided you with some more knowledge about home workout programmes but helpfully motivated you to train hard and stay positive about the situation.

Keep working hard but most importantly keep safe!

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness