Everything you need to know about CAFFEINE…

Here are some useful tips about something which is included in everyones day to day life…. CAFFEINE. Hopefully after this blog, you will have the knowledge you need to make the correct decision on if you need caffeine in your life or not, and how much you really require each day.

Caffeine can be found natrually in products but also syntheticly. This means some drinks you consume natraully have caffeine in them and some have it added to.

It is rapidly and almost 100% completely digested and absortbed by the body. Which means the body uses the caffeine and doesn’t just let it pass through us without any benefits.

Normally after consuming caffeine, you will feel it peak at between 1 – 1.5 hours, so having cup after cup of coffee isn’t good for you, as sooner than later it all will catch up with you!

You can naturally find caffeine in drinks such as TEA, COCO & COFFEE, but you will also find it syntheticly in drinks such as fizzy drinks, energy drinks and pre workouts etc.

But how much is a safe amount of caffeine to consume I hear you say? for adults it is about 400mg / per day, for children 3mg / per day and if your pregnant then you should not consume anymore than 200mg / per day.

So how does caffeine work? it’s weird isn’t it, that we will consume theses products but not really know the benefits or how they work. So please listen…

When consumed, caffeine effects the CNS (Central Nervous System) this is located in the brain. It does this by connecting themselves to the Adenosine Receptors which can be found in the brain and causes the body to be alert! Now the normal daily function is for Adenosine to connect with the Adenosine Receptors as this causes sleepiness, so when you drink caffeine you are bacially blocking the Adenosine from connecting and therefore breaking the chain of you feeling sleepy. Think of it this way, you have a triangle hole, and both Adenosine & Caffeine are both triangle shapes, but only one can go in that hole and finish that connection.

There are also many short term and long term negative effects for caffeine like any product out there. If consumed too much, it can cause sleepiness, stomach upset, anxiety, restlessness and heart palpitations. And of course if consumed too much for a long period of time, also has long term negative effects such as vomiting, seizures and death. So just be safe when taking on caffeine.

So how much caffeine am I drinking?

Coffee: 60 – 120mg per 250ml

Tea: 10 – 50mg per 250ml

Fizzy Drinks: almost 50mg per 375ml

Energy Drinks: 80mg per 250ml

So when your going through your daily routine and start pouring yourself a cup of coffee, just have a think about if you really need it today and if you need to cut back or not?

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness