Catching up with Reps & Recovery ‘Pancake Day’

Just a quick little vlog from Liv & myself on Pancake day catching up on how the training is going for the Cambridge Half Marathon & the final stages of my prep for the Mens Physique Comp in April.

The last 8-9 months have been very full on when it comes to running for Liv, she has been involved in two half marathons (Ealing & MK) and is now training for the Cambridge Half Marathon in March. Which shows she has truly got the running bug, coming from someone who hasn’t got a past of running or fitness apart from her riding, she has really grown into this new challenge.

Liv has come a long way from the 2hr 30min she got in her first half marathon in Ealing, to the 2hr 15min she got in MK, and now she is aiming towards the 2hr mark in Cambridge!

There is also a possiblity of Southend Half Marathon in june, as the final race within the 12 month period, to finish off in style and maybe aim for a 1hr 59min… who knows….

I on the other hand, am working towards my final shape for the Mens Physique comp in April. This is my first ever show and therefore finding it stressful, not really knowing if I am on track or not. I am aiming for around 80kg, thinking this would leave me in a good enough position physique wise for the comp, ready for the ‘Peak Week’ where I fine tune the last bit of my look. Keep updated with my progress via my social media pages if you want to know more about my 12 week prep.

Otherwise pop over to the Reps & Recovery YouTube channel now to see the ‘Pancake Day’ epsiode and see how both Liv & myself are getting on with our 2020 challenges.

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness