Catching up with Reps & Recovery….’Boys VS Girls’

It’s time to break down the myths when it come to ‘boys & girls gym exercises’.
In this episode of Reps & Recovery, Liv & myself talk through the two common exercies people relate to a certain genders…. The Glute Bridge & The Chest Press.

It is very common for certain genders to over work specific areas of the body such as men/chest and women/legs, and becasue of this people have started to relate set exercies to specific genders too. So this epsiode talks through the benefits of the two choosen exercises, and why both genders should not miss these exercises out of their workouts.


The Glute Bridge is typically counted as a female exercise, this is becuase of the love for working their bum. But guys did you realise how much help the glutes give to your squats & deadlifts? The movements related to the glute bridge, squats and deadlifts are very similiar and can benefit each other if all are added to your programme routine. All three movements involve the hip thrust movement which causes the bum to move backwards and then forward, allowing the body to lower down and then stand up. So why are we missing the glute bridge out of our workouts? I will guarantee that if you add the Glute Bridge to your workout, it will only benefit your squat & deadlift.

The Chest Press

The Chest Press is a great upper body compound movement for not just men but also women, but why are women missing this exercise out? It’s important to remember that all compound movement will not only be good to perform becuase the strength gains you will get from it and not just because of the muscle toning you will benefit from, but the calories you will burn from performing the exercise. Any compound movement you perform will burn off a lot more calories than you think, so ladies if you are only hitting your lower body compound movements then you are missing out on so many shoulder, back and chest movements and therefore oppertunities to burn more calories, tone more muscle and not only look stronger but feel it too.

If you want to see how both exercises are performed, and want to know more about it, why not pop over to the Reps & Recovery YouTube Channel and check out this episode for yourself. Its worth a watch….

Ben Stapleton
Aptitude Fitness