About Aptitude Fitness

Aptitude Fitness was founded in 2015 to provide clients with an all round service which is thought necessary to help them achieve the results they desire and have been looking for.

Aptitude Fitness provides their clients with tailored, individually designed workout programmes, nutrition plans and 1-2-1 support along side the personal training service. Using an online account allows the client to log on and view their workout programmes, nutrition plans and fitness assessment results 24 hours 7 days a week. Therefore, providing them with the best chance to accomplish their results. Aptitude Fitness has helped many clients achieve their short/long term goals and are still doing so to this day.

I becameĀ  a personal trainer because I wanted to provide every single client the same feeling of confidence, happiness and sense of proudness that I got when I trained and reached my goals…you have the ability to achieve anything so let me help.